Information about SisterStay

SisterStay is a community of 'perennial' women offering one another friendship, hospitality and the opportunity to continue to grow and thrive.  It is about celebrating life after fifty and creating new memories.  We open our homes to help one another on our journey, exploring new places, experiencing new things, maybe taking part in a local event or short course while staying in a welcoming home with a like-minded friend, albeit a friend we've not yet met.  SisterStay is all about making the most of life.

I think we all get to a certain stage in life where we find ourselves looking back and assessing the path we’ve travelled thus far.  It feels like my path has been very much travelled in the service of others. I’m not complaining: it’s been a great path. I have a husband and three lovely boys who (mostly) appreciate all the effort and attention I have devoted to them.  But here I am at 55, my last child teetering on the edge of the nest, almost ready to fly, and I am wondering what’s next?  What am I going to do now? 

I feel really young and energetic but I don’t want to start on a new career at this stage in life and I am too hungry for adventure and travel to just settle down. I want to do stuff.  I want to go places.  I want to experience new things and make new friends. And I want to help others to do the same.

Many of my friends have reached or are reaching this point - of suddenly finding themselves with a little extra time. Time that used to be entirely taken up with work and family life. Time they could now spend on things they really enjoy like travel, friendship, learning, new experiences.

But this new time, bursting with opportunities and excitement, is not entirely obstacle-free.  In addition to aged parents needing care and grown-up kids sometimes moving back home (just when you thought they had left!), having sufficient funds to enjoy oneself can also be a stumbling block. We all like to get away and explore somewhere new, to learn something different, to attend that festival / seminar / workshop. But we need somewhere suitable to stay.

Although women over 50 lead the way in solo travel, it can be daunting and more expensive than travelling with someone.  Who has the patience and inclination to try to coordinate and compromise with travelling companions?  We need an easy way to step out on our own, to find our wings and embrace this chapter of life.

SisterStay allows us all the opportunity to travel, affordably, staying with like-minded friends. So maybe they’re friends you haven’t yet met. No matter. They’re part of the same welcoming, ID-verified community as you.  You can read each other’s Profiles, with interests and photos, before committing to anything. And you can choose when and where to go. No stigma of travelling alone. No lonely hotel rooms. Just good old-fashioned hospitality from fellow over-50 females looking to make the most of life.

Some people – particularly men – ask why it’s just for women. It’s difficult to explain it to them, but there’s something about spending time in the company of other life-experienced women that just feels like putting on a really comfy jumper and relaxing in front of the fire. There’s no pretext.  No competition. No worries about being on our best behaviour.  We don’t even include younger women because they’re in a different place. Moving at a different tempo. With different ideas about what’s important right now.

SisterStay’s mission is to create a supportive community of great women coming together to celebrate this second half of life and to make it the very best it can be. 

I know there are women everywhere – not just in the UK – who want to live the next 50 years with real intention. It will take time to get the name SisterStay out there, but we will do it. And in the meantime, our friendly community of ID-verified women will continue to grow and thrive.  Join us as a Host or join as a Guest. If you like, you can join as both. Our doors are open to you.

Sue-Anne x