Information about SisterStay


Do you find travelling on your own a challenge?  But want to do it anyway?

Would you like to earn a little money hosting guests but want to know who'll be coming through your front door?

Are you keen to remain active and engaged in life and like the idea of staying with other friendly midlife and older women?

Me too!  And that’s why I started SisterStay. We’re a friendly community of personally verified 50+ women who open our doors to one another.  Single or married, widowed or divorced, we’re all in this   together, helping each other to live a happy and fulfilling second half.

At just £36/night - wherever in the world you go - it's very affordable. And since there’s no waiting around on travel companions, it couldn't be easier to arrange.

SisterStay is about being able to explore new places without worrying where we’ll be staying. I’m a great one for trying new things which often means attending a weekend course or event away from home. But the thought of going back after a stimulating day to an empty room really kills it for me.

I love to host people too because I get to share a little of where I live and show off what I love most about the area - that inside knowledge we all have about our own hometown and what makes it unique and interesting for other people to visit. You might not have time to do much together apart from a catchup in the evening, but it’s so reassuring for guests to know they are staying with another friendly woman.  Of course, you might have lots of time to give to your guests and if they are also up for that, it can be a really interactive stay.  I have made some lovely new friends on my SisterStay travels.

It's perfect for spending a few days away in the next state or county, but it's also possible to do bigger, more adventurous trips overseas too.  With SisterStay, you are travelling on your own but staying with a friend – albeit a friend you’ve not yet met!

Why not take a sneaky peep inside and join us today?

Sue-Anne x